Trending Web Development Framework in 2018

Web Development Framework

Trending Web Development Framework in 2018

As an increase in Web services the online space is also increasing rapidly; the future of building applications is becoming complicated day by day, so it’s not easy for a developer to satisfy any customer with its demanding needs, for that, various new technologies and existing technologies should be developed. Accessing new frameworks and updating in old trends can be beneficial for reducing burden for a developer.

React JS: React is an open source adaptable JavaScript library, for building a user interface for web applications, kept by Facebook. The primary idea of React is to reuse the code, every one of the segments, regardless of whether little or enormous can be reused. It is utilized for building extensive applications and makes the configuration simple to reuse the code over and over.


Angular JS: Angular is an open source front-end JavaScript, used for building a web page and for the simplification of code, developed and maintained by Google. It can be utilized for a single website page applications development. It can be added to any HTML page with a <script>tag. These days Angular JavaScript is getting utilized for little scale web page application, with the goal that it gets simpler for a developer to develop a web application.


Ruby on Rails: Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework which is considered as one of the most favorite programming languages for developers. It helps the developer to become flexible while building any web application. There are many software development techniques were used, but nowadays Rubi on Rails is becoming trendy or become one of the most demanding software development technique used by developers. It allows developers to handle easily than comparing to others.


Vue JS: Vue JS is an open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. The Vue is capable of powering advance single web page. Different kinds of tools and techniques can be used by the developers for building any application. Vue JS is one of those new software technologies that can be used across the world for software development.


Laravel: Larval is an open source PHP framework that can be used for building web applications and development. It is one of the most popular frameworks built in PHP for the developers. It gives developers flexibility by having the model view controller (MVC) architecture. Some of the best features of Laravel are application development and maintenance, modular packaging system, different ways of accessing relational databases and manage resources better than other frameworks.

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