Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends Hit Market 2018

top mobile app development trends

Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends Hit Market 2018

Developing dependency over smartphones has expanded opportunities to evolve mobile apps for different applications to the users. Innovative and unique modification in the mobile app development sector becomes the center of attraction for all the latest trends. Technology is filling up with new innovations hitting the market every day and it has become essential to recommend for what is to come.

Mobile app development trends

Android Instant Apps –

Instant apps are actually the native apps which work almost same as the website. Instant apps attract the more users, runs smoothly on every version of Android mobile and easy to share with others.

Android Instant Apps

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –

AMP will help the developers to promptly process the heavy sites and apps which generally take time in loading. This will cut down the bounce rate and improve the performance of mobile devices.


Machine learning-

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are modern technology trend. Machine learning will facilitate apps to recognize complicate pattern and draw useful vision by evaluating huge data. It will bring a revolutionary change in the medical domain.


Cloud Tech-

Cloud tech can reduce the cost of equipment along with the hosting and boost the capacity of app storage. If you want to pass 2018 with flawless app work, include cloud tech in your development process.

Cloud Tech mobile app developerz india


The Blockchain is a record of company’s details which is mentioned as blocks. The Blockchain in the app development techniques can be a game changer for you to completely outplay your competitors if they are aware of this trend.

Mobile Payment-

With the ease that mobile banking has provided, there is a huge amount of users who have already shifted to the e-commerce. This was one of the popular trends of 2017 and it is again expected to maintain its magic in 2018.


Augmented Reality (AR) –

AR is like virtual reality and GPS combined and it’s going to be popular in 2018. AR moving into industries such as retail, manufacturing, life sciences and more.


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