Difference between design thinking and service design

Difference between design thinking and service design

Difference between design thinking and service design

Hello everyone!!! Today we are going to discuss that, what’s the difference between Design thinking and Service design is, But before talking about the differences first we have to know about Design thinking and Service design separately. We will also talk about how website designing companies use these two for their benefit.

Let’s first talk about Design thinking. Design thinking involves the creative strategies designers use during designing. It also helps in resolving the issue out of the professional design practice, such as in business and social context. Design thinking helps the designer’s in using their sensibility and improving their methods according to the technological feasibility and how the business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity so that website designing companies build their strategies accordingly.

Mainly there are five stages involved in design thinking, let’s talk about them one by one:-

1.Empathize- This is the first stage where the consulting experts gain an emphatic understanding of the problem by observing and engaging with the people and then they try to solve and find more about the area of concern.

2.Define- This is the second stage where the experts analyze the collected data and try to define that what the real problem is. In this step, a framework of the problem is built and according to that, they try to work on the solution.

3.Ideate- As we have already found the problem in this step we try to find the solution and how can we ideate it. Brainstorming is very important because it is not necessarily the solution will be easy.

4.Prototype- Prototyping helps in bringing a solution into vision. There are many steps involved in it such as sketching, prototyping and many more. It is advised to use a smart, speedy and economical way for prototyping.

5.Test-This is the final step where the prototype is tested with the customer, and it is seen whether it is the right solution or not.

So, this is all about Design thinking now let’s talk about service design and how website designing companies uses it.

It is a way of planning and organizing people and material component to improve the quality of interaction of the company and the customers. It may also a helping hand in shutting a service completely or changing it.

Now let us understand the steps involved in Service design:-

1.Service plot TM-The first step is understanding your service. This is very important because doing so will help in delivering the service to the right costumer.

2.Personas overview- In this step we try to understand the behavior of our users. This is very important because it will help us to understand the type of user and categorize them according to our service.

3.Service location planner- After knowing the right customer the next step is to deliver the service and this tool helps us in doing so. It helps us to know that which service is to be delivered to whom, when and where.

4.Customer journey map- It helps us to know the customer interaction points. It is very important because it will help us to know that where our customer are interacting with us.

So we understood what Design thinking is and what service design is. The conclusion from the above paragraphs :Design thinking is all about how to design the product or service whereas service design is the way of how the company design their steps for interacting with their customers and provide their service to them.

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